IT Assessment for Small Business Networks

Technology Assessment | Security Assessment | HIPAA Assessment | IT Policy, Process & Procedures

Know what’s truly going on within your network and gain peace of mind from a technology and security perspective.

If your business relies on networks, computers, or the Internet to operate, make sure you are ready to take on the latest security threats and productivity challenges. 

Not sure how your IT operations are holding up?

Our unique IT assessment will identify security vulnerabilities and network issues that may result in slow or inoperable systems and costly downtime.

Here’s what’s included:

    • Consultation session
    • Network audit
    • Onsite analysis
    • Tech setup review
    • Backup assessment​​
    • Report with recommendations

Eliminate Problems Before They Get Bigger

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How it Works

Everything starts with an initial review of your network. We need to know what makes up your network and what you want to achieve. Once we know this information, we’ll conduct a thorough assessment and audit of your network infrastructure and provide ways to improve.

Initial Review

IT Assessment

Ongoing Support