Secure Remote Work Solutions

Secure access to applications, data, and cloud services from any device, over any network
Supporting Startups and Small Businesses through COVID-19

It is our commitment to being agile, upholding our dedication to customer success, and using technology as a position of strength and adaptation during a time of uncertainty.

We Are Work-From-Anywhere Experts

So, COVID-19 ushered in the “Remote Workforce” age in a hurry!

In a matter of days, offices closed. Employees packed up to work from home. An instant remote workforce migration! Was your company affected? Most were. If nothing else, it taught us to be ready. Our businesses need to be flexible. We must be mobile. And we must be efficient. Location can’t affect our ability to produce.

Are you looking for guidance on the new norm? Can your IT support a remote workforce? Does your business have the ability to work from anywhere?

Cervisys is a trusted partner.  We can integrate mobility and flexibility into your organization. Business continuity is not a buzzword for us.
It’s a mindset. We never missed a beat. And we functioned day, night, from home, from work. We are truly Office-Independent. And we never quit! Your business can be, too.

Whether for emergency situations, or a permanent setup, being as efficient offsite as you are on site is necessary. A remote-capable office makes your business more adaptable to unforeseen problems. And, the ability to work from anywhere is no longer complex. Creating and managing IT for security and accessibility paves the way to office independence.

Talk to us about migrating your data to cloud services like Microsoft Azure. Also, you may already own cloud storage that’s included with Office 365 and Microsoft 365. OneDrive and SharePoint, which you may already own, are powerful data storage tools.

Cervisys is your leader in Remote Workforce and Office-Independent-Computing.

Let’s talk about what your company would look like as a mobile organization that never quits.

Remote Work Solution Components


A Remote Work or Work From Home solution needs to start with a clearly defined policy which establishes the parameters around how a business operates outside the confines of a traditional office. We’ve been operating remotely since the inception of our business, so are very familiar with the ins and outs managing a remote workforce.


Communicating with clients and co-workers should not feel ‘remote’. We deliver a solution that looks, feels and, most importantly, sounds professional. Maintain your company image and brand by using your business phone numbers from any location on any device.


Whether you want to use company owned computers, leverage our ‘device-as-a-service’ offering, or allow for a BYOD (bring your own device) policy our Managed IT platform ensures that devices are accounted for, secure and audited.

Leverage The Cloud

Our Remote Work Solutions leverage the Cloud as much as possible. This allows for available, flexible and agile access to email, communications, applications and your company data with low administrative overhead.


Secure access to company data is more important now than ever before. Our solutions enforce that remote networks and devices meet certain security requirements before access is granted to applications and data.


Our Help Desk is extremely proficient in work from home environments and is available 365x24x7 to assist your employees regardless of their physical location.