24×7 Network Monitoring as a Service

Peace of Mind

A Managed Network Monitoring Services Platform Built for Your Business

We monitor all types of network equipment and circuits. When an outage occurs, we open ISP/Carrier and TAC tickets 24×7 to minimize outage duration. We have technicians monitoring routers, switches, firewalls, VPNs, load balancers, WAPs, and almost everything else in your network.  In the event of an outage or impairment, we take immediate action to restore connectivity and minimize downtime. 

We’ll monitor your network 24×7 and free you up to focus on higher-value projects. With our SiteManager in place, you’ll always have eyes on your network—even during off hours or when your staff is not readily available. Even when they are available, we free them up to work on projects and activities that drive real value for your organization.

24×7 Network Monitoring Service
We Monitor the KPIs that Matter

Our technicians implement everything you want to know about your network’s health and performance, and manage all of the monitoring, alerting, graphing, and reporting you need to maintain high availability. We can monitor anything with an IP address using a flexible set of metrics, including:

  • Link status
  • Bandwidth utilization
  • Latency
  • BGP status
  • Errors
  • CPU utilization
  • Power status
  • Environmental status
  • Number of Connections
  • Packet Loss
  • RTT (Round Trip Time)

What our Experts Can Do For You

When you operate a small business IT network, you need a team of professionals who offer great support. With Cervisys, that’s precisely what you get. Our SiteManagers work with your existing systems, goals, and business strategy to develop solutions that fit your current needs. No longer do you have to make do with generic IT solutions: our team forms a unique relationship with you, helping you to better manage your operations.

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