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Solutions To Boost Your Network Security

Cervisys Security Operation Center (SOC), is a tailored stack of products and services built to provide the highest level of confidence for securing your environment. The Security Operations Center (SOC) provides extensive insights to avoid and identify threats in or around your environment through the correlation of events and alerts in tandem with automation and 24/7 human oversight.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Endpoint antivirus alone is not enough to adequately protect against today’s sophisticated threats. Employing a tool to monitor the behavior of all endpoints enhances protection and leads to quicker remediation.
Coupled with our Security Operations Center (SOC) EDR becomes a Managed Detection and Response platform that is monitored 24x7x365.

Our SIEM tools monitor network traffic for intrusions and aggregate logging sources from cloud, network, and endpoint devices giving visibility into the infrastructure health as a whole. Crucial to environments where security is paramount, we can monitor logs in real time and quickly alert and capture historical data around security incidents.

Our backup platforms offer an optimal backup service through a hybrid approach that provides a full local data backup and then replicates that data offsite.

As the most used communication tool in business email can also be your greatest data threat. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions allow your organization to monitor and protect your email system from intentional or accidental leakage of sensitive data.

Email Encryption services allow both senders and receivers to communicate and send files securely so you can ensure your sensitive data is protected when it is delivered outside of the organization.

NextGen Firewalls allow businesses to securely protect networks and services in a highly reliable manner. In order to respond in a rapidly changing threat environment, enhanced protection on your internet-facing edge is critical.

Address the critical vulnerabilities of your organization’s IT environment with a Vulnerability Assessment that is ongoing. For our Vulnerability Assessment, we have a scanner tool that is brought onsite. This tool collects information about the network.

Here Is What You Get

We stop cyber threats without getting in your way

Personalized onboarding and IT support that removes risks

Leverage our vast network of global cybersecurity experts

Training and phishing campaigns for your employees

Cybersecurity Checklist

Here is a quick check list of the cybersecurity protections we would recommend for any industry/organization at a minimum if you have more than 20 employees commonly using the internet/technology in their work.

    • Advanced Antivirus
    • VPNs for remote workers and sites
    • Basic monitoring/alerting
    • Internet content filtering
    • Basic password hygiene practices/controls
    • Multi-factor authentication
    • Advanced firewall
    • Wifi Encryption
    • Wifi Password protection
    • Basic Windows Patch Management
    • Basic Annual Security Gap Audit
    • Encrypted Backups (preferably Cloud-based)
Need Advice?

Work with your insurance agency.  Always avoid competing carriers or duplicate policy coverages. ( Even a basic risk assessment will help guide you. )

Teaming Up To Manage Your Risks

Our all-encompassing cybersecurity and risk management solutions safeguard your business from every angle. These are just a glimpse of the services we offer. To gain a deeper understanding, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Cervisys today.

Small Business Owners
Business owners deserve a trusted partner who can alleviate the burden of cybersecurity from their plates. We understand the challenges you face, from ensuring compliance and managing cybersecurity questionnaires to maintaining a reputable business and safeguarding against data loss. You need solutions that are effective and reliable. Discover how our tailored cybersecurity offerings can meet the unique needs of small business owners like you. Let us provide the peace of mind and protection you deserve. Learn more about our comprehensive solutions today.
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