Supplemental IT Support

Let your IT staff focus on your business priorities while allowing Cervisys to supplement some of your IT tasks.
Increase productivity and save time with supplemental IT services

Our team can help you with incident, business continuity, network, and server management alongside 24/7 monitoring and compliance.

Protect your sensitive business data with more secure practices. We help with identity management, zero-trust architecture, firewalls, server and desktop protection, integrity management, and more.

Focusing on network infrastructure, end-user support, or a combination of both, helps simplify the challenges your IT team lacks the time or resources to get to.

Procurement – Competitive pricing and simple purchasing of IT hardware, software, and services. 

End-to-End PC Deployment Project – Seamless PC Setup and Configuration. Ensure smooth deployment and optimal configuration of PCs.

Network Upgrades Project – Elevate Your Network Infrastructure. Enhance your network infrastructure to meet modern demands.

Cloud Migrations Project – Seamlessly Migrate to the Cloud. Transfer your data and services to the cloud for improved scalability and accessibility.

Microsoft 365 Migrations Project – Streamline with Microsoft 365. Transition to Microsoft 365 for enhanced productivity and collaboration.

How We Help?

Whether you need help offloading noisy user support, around the clock cybersecurity, experienced engineers for a project or help with strategic IT planning, we’re here to help fill the gaps in any way you need.

By partnering with Cervisys you gain access to best-in-class tools, systems, and software to manage your IT program preconfigured and ready-to-go.

Every superhero needs a sidekick, and we want to be yours. Let us fight alongside you in the shadows making you look good.

Staff changes, acquisitions, and other circumstances can leave you rushing to find a solution quickly. Our ready-to-go teams, tools, and processes mean many of our services can be set up and going in a matter of days.

Supplemental IT Support

Our adaptable IT services can cater to your specific requirements, no matter the challenges you encounter. Our team of dedicated IT professionals is fully committed to assisting you in achieving success. Feel free to reach out to us for additional details.

Improve your IT team’s quality of life

Our supplemental IT services are flexible to meet whatever needs you’re facing. We’re backed by IT experts who are committed to helping you succeed. Contact us for more information.

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