DICOM Data Migration

We have the experience and software to migrate your data quickly and efficiently. We make it simple so that you can focus on patient care.

We go above and beyond traditional system vendors by ensuring all of your data is transferred by finding and correcting missing data between disparate PACS, multiple reading radiology groups, reading PACS, and multiple VNAs. In our work, we have found thousands of missing studies that clients have thought lost forever. Our strategies enabled us to restore these studies ensuring our clients were able to provide the best, most informed, care for their patients.

DICOM Migration Services

Our experienced DICOM data migration experts ensure an accelerated data migration progress while maintaining strong data accuracy on a continued basis throughout the data migration.

  • Custom DICOM Migration and non-DICOM migration
  • Perform direct read of legacy media in both DICOM and non-DICOM formats
  • Solid, well-defined, reliable DICOM data migration
  • Superior project management
  • Multi-vendor and client coordination to resolve DICOM data cleansing issues and sustain maximum throughput
  • Consistent, informative, transparent communication to key stakeholders
  • Interface Migration
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