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Hosted Email Services from Cervisys Can Simplify Your Efforts with a Cloud-Based Solution
E-mail Management and Hosting 

We give your organization a full arsenal of business communication security, management, and hosting capabilities—everything you need for a robust, secure, and legally compliant e-mail system.

Our SaaS platform can reduce or completely eliminate on-premise requirements/resources while simplifying the complexities of corporate e-mail. With our e-mail hosting solutions, you can select from a comprehensive range of à la carte options, or combine the benefits of e-mail security, archiving, and continuity into a single, tightly integrated, cloud-based SaaS solution.

Radar: Check your six
What is Radar?

Radar is a comprehensive email security test that shows the weaknesses in your email and recommends how to secure them.  Click below to get your free report.

Our core e-mail security service performs an array of tests on messages in the blink of an eye, and effectively blocks common e-mail server attacks. Then, quarantined e-mail is viewed via the web console or e-mail digest reports.

This service protects the reputation of your organization by ensuring that you never send harmful or offensive e-mails to your contacts, while also giving you the ability to quarantine outbound spam and viruses and granting outbound policy control.

This hosted e-mail service gives you nearly all the benefits of Microsoft Exchange at a fraction of the cost. With features like 25 GB mailboxes, calendars, mobile syncing, and more, you’ll have everything you need and then some.

This program stores a copy of each e-mail for 30 days on redundant, geographically dispersed systems. When your systems are down, this program allows users to log into the web portal and continue to send and receive messages from their normal e-mail address.

SecureStore features e-mail archiving with easy online search and send. It captures, replicates, and stores a copy of all incoming, internal, and outgoing e-mail messages (including attachments) in SAS 70 Type II data centers. Tap into the power of a secure, state-of-the-art archiving platform.

Email encryption software is usually constrained to a specific operating system or mail client, but Bracket frees you up to send encrypted emails from literally any email client. So whether your users prefer iPhone, Android, Windows, Linux, or PC… it simply doesn’t matter with Bracket.

What our Experts Can Do For You

A comprehensive suite of cloud-delivered e-mail hosting solutions, Cervisys E-mail Management and Hosting provides à la carte or unified e-mail management and hosting options that solve virtually all of your e-mail challenges—reducing on-premise requirements, preventing downtime, fighting spam and viruses, and ensuring communication availability.

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