IT Services for Healthcare

HIPAA Compliant Managed IT Service for Covered Entities and Business Associates

How Can We Help Your Practice?

You need secure, timely, and accurate communication to provide the best possible care for your patients. Cervisys delivers healthcare technology designed specifically for small-sized medical practices. We give you the uptime and performance you need while ensuring you stay compliant with federal HIPAA regulations.

PracticeMgr Complete

Cervisys has been working with small physicians (1-4 physicians), and other healthcare organizations since 2005. We understand your unique needs and how healthcare works. In addition to providing Healthcare IT Support, we can also help you with HIPAA related activities, EMR/PACS support and upgrades, new medical practice setup, medical practice moves and hardware purchases.

HIPAA Security and Compliance

Most physician groups are working to implement carefully-developed compliance plans, but some practices are still surprised to learn that ensuring compliance requires more than just purchasing a certified EHR. Cervisys has a deep understanding of HIPAA compliance requirements as well as the tactical expertise to implement and manage compliance programs.

Get the support you need to build an exceptional medical practice.

EMR Application Support

We can help you get the most from your healthcare applications. Cervisys offers a suite of EMR support practice services designed to help your organization realize the full benefits of every application. Our services encompass clinical and physician systems and integration. We also deliver mission-critical support necessary to sustain them.

PACS Application Support

We assist you with your use and management of your PACS system by helping you with HL7 integrations, DICOM connections, Image archiving, create or update templates, helping you manage and train staff on system upgrades, helping you manage support tickets between practice and EMR vendor, and provide maintenance and patches to ensure your systems are fully functional with maximum up-time.

Benefits of PracticeMgr

  • Scalable solutions for any size facility or practice
  • Compliance with HIPAA standards
  • Minimized server and network downtime
  • Enhanced security and protection from cyber threats
  • Expert advice to help overcome technology challenges
  • Improved mobility and flexibility

Deliver a Better Patient Experience

With Our Partnership, You Will…

Provide Better Quality Care

Reduce the administrative workload, so you can spend more time caring for your patients.

Improve Patient Relationships

Communicate more frequently and offer new levels of convenience for your patients.

Optimize Your Workflow

Work faster, with greater accuracy, and increase your effectiveness.

Maximize Your Growth

Capture more of the income you deserve and use insights to identify new revenue streams.

HIPAA Privacy & Security

The HIPAA Privacy Rule provides federal protections for Personal Health Information (PHI) held by covered entities and gives patients an array of rights with respect to that information.

A Complete Solution!

Our PracticeMgr solution is a complete suite of services for your medical practice. More than just IT support, PracticeMgr is a complete IT solution specifically developed for your medical practice.