Mirth Connect HL7 Interface Development

Healthcare Systems Integration Through Mirth HL7 Interface Development 
Mirth Connect Integration Services

Mirth is an open-source, cross-platform HL7 interface that implements bi-directional HL7 messages between systems and apps over multiple devices. It is utilized to build more accessible, more secure, and economical interoperable mechanisms. Mirth connect accepts all the promoting healthcare notes standards like HL7, EDI, X12, etc.

Our professionals at Cervisys incorporate a channel-based architecture for establishing connections. 

HL7 Interoperability Integration

To accommodate the need to meet HL7 standards, Cervisys provided custom development and HL7 interoperability integration within a communications platform, to create secure messaging channels for bi-directional communication between laboratory information systems and hospital EHRs.

The platform is used to transform messages from HL7 to XML, and vice versa. Since the proprietary system needs to interface with various lab instruments using an XML protocol, HL7 order message (ORM) and observation result (ORU) functions and segments needed to be converted for interoperability between the two systems.

Cervisys engineered custom channels to simulate real-life scenarios based on project requirements to pull HL7 ORMs from host EMRs such as EPIC and Athena, transform them to XML, and push them into lab instruments from manufacturers such as Siemens, Beckman, and Horiba in order to obtain results and send back HL7 ORUs to the hosts.

We are experts in Mirth Connect implementation

We are Mirth Connect’s early adopters and helped many companies with integration work using Mirth Connect as the integration engine, the most popular open-source integration engine for healthcare systems. 

Cervisys Can Assist You With:

  • RIS, HIS, PACS, Billing systems
  • Sending/retrieving data from various EMR/EHR vendors
  • Developing interfaces in open source tools using Mirth Connect
  • Performing complex healthcare message mappings & transformations
  • Understanding healthcare standards such as CCD/C-CDA, HL7, X12, and IHE
  • Leveraging REST or SOAP Healthcare APIs
  • Developing supportable and scalable interoperability strategies

We look forward to serving you.

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