10 Ways Small Businesses Benefit From IT Support


Startups and small companies face a wide array of expenses and responsibilities as they strive to grow their businesses. At the top of the list of responsibilities is ensuring that their company’s IT needs are addressed swiftly and thoroughly. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to enlist the services of an experienced IT support provider. Below are 10 ways that small businesses benefit from professional IT support.

1. A reduction in overhead costs

Receiving services from a professional IT support provider allows business owners to save money because they will not face the mountain of expenses associated with hiring a full-time IT specialist. Specifically, small businesses save money in the following areas:
•Interview and hiring costs are avoided
•Small business owners do not have to pay for healthcare and other benefits
•Employee equipment costs are reduced because outsourced providers have their own equipment

2. Less office space

Using the services of an external IT support provider for your growing business enables business owners to save money on office space. By not needing office space for a full-time IT specialist, a small business can reduce the total amount of office space required by approximately 150 to 200 square feet.

3. Lower company equipment costs

In addition to saving money on office space, business owners can save money on office furniture, equipment, and supplies by outsourcing an IT support provider instead of hiring a full-time IT specialist. For example, the typical full-time employee uses roughly $200 per year in office supplies and requires a desk, computer, and telephone. By the time all supplies and equipment is considered, the total cost of equipment and supplies for a full-time IT specialist may exceed several thousand dollars.

4. Access to a comprehensive variety of IT services

Enlisting the services of IT support experts gives business owners peace of mind because they know that a professional IT support provider will be able to tackle virtually any IT-related problem. Examples of some of the services provided include:
•Mobile device management
•Routine system maintenance
•Advanced protection from viruses and other cyber threats
•Periodic compliance audits
•System backup and recovery
•Disaster recovery services

5. IT projects completed more quickly

IT support providers are accustomed to meeting the most stringent time deadlines. They are incentivized to complete IT service requests as quickly and accurately as possible and have the tools and resources to ensure that projects are finished ahead of time.

6. High-level of IT expertise

Seeking the services of an IT support provider enables a small business to receive the highest level of service from industry experts who are trained in the latest technologies and compliance procedures. Additionally, IT service providers often have access to the most sophisticated equipment and technology to resolve problems.

7. 24/7 service and support

Outsourced IT support providers often offer the option of monitoring your network and systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is a service that a full-time hired IT specialist who works 9 to 5 cannot always provide. 24/7 monitoring helps to guarantee the following for your growing business:
•Faster resolution of problems
•Reduced system downtime
•Adherence to today’s rigid cyber security regulations

8. Pay for what you use

One of the greatest advantages offered by an IT support provider is the cost savings that business owners enjoy. They can save thousands of dollars because they do not have to pay an IT service provider a full-time salary. Instead, small business owners only have to pay for the services that they need as they require them. There is no need to pay for a 40 hour work week when a small business may only require 10-15 hours of IT support per week.

9. Focus on growth and core business activities

With IT services being handled by a professional outsourced provider, small business owners can focus on core business elements. Revenue is strengthened through increased focus on the following:
•Marketing initiatives
•Raising brand awareness
•Expanding the company’s existing customer base
•Sales and development
•Increasing customer satisfaction

10. Higher client satisfaction

When your network and systems are proactively maintained, you and your employees are better equipped to meet the needs of your customers. Better customer service and support will yield higher levels of client satisfaction, which will ultimately lead to higher levels of customer retention.

Choosing an IT Support provider

Once you decide to seek the services of a professional IT support provider, you must choose a provider with a proven record of success. Because not all IT support companies are created equal, it is vital to choose a provider that offers the following:
•A minimum of 5-10 years of experience in providing IT support to businesses
•U.S.-based operations
•Expertise with a variety of IT tasks (backup and recovery, system maintenance, security audits, etc.)
•Professional employees who have passed exhaustive background checks
•An impressive portfolio of completed IT projects
•24/7 access to IT support services
•A commitment to meeting important deadlines
•Use of state-of-the-art technology
•Dedication to meeting or exceeding federal compliance regulations (HIPAA, GLBA, FERPA, etc.)
•ISO certification

The IT support specialists with Cervisys exhibit all of the qualities outlined above. Based in Jacksonville Florida, the Cervisys professionals are committed to helping your small business thrive by providing vital IT support. We look forward to enabling you to focus on growing your business by meeting all of your IT demands.

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