Why do my Small Business need Managed Services?


By 2019, the managed-services market is projected to grow by $193 billion. Both small, medium and large businesses are becoming very aware of the reasons to choose the managed-services business model, and the demand is strong. Here’s an outline of some of the reasons why your business should choose IT managed-services.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Today, security and compliance are a major concern for all businesses. Operating systems, smartphones, tablets, laptops and other types of technology store and transmit important data. This makes security critical. Falling victim to a security breach or hacker is a common fear. A breach can cost companies a loss in reputation and a huge loss in dollars. Managed service providers help protect businesses from a security breach event and take quick action if one does occur. All businesses must be compliant with regulations specific to their industry, especially the legal and health industries. A managed service provider can supplement additional policies, protocols, and procedures to ensure compliance.

Efficient and Reliable IT Operations

This is one of the most important reasons businesses need managed IT services. Lack of employees with the knowledge and skills to handle an entire network and an overburdened IT staff just leads to inefficiency and unreliability. It’s difficult to negate the value of having an IT provider. It’s a partnership that is collaborative that leads to more efficient and reliable IT operations. While it doesn’t replace an in-house IT staff, it enhances its capabilities. Not only do issues get resolved quickly, businesses have the benefits of the latest technology and innovative solutions to maximize uptime and profitability. These technologies include cloud computing, backup and disaster recovery and remote monitoring and management. The need to keep the entire IT infrastructure efficient and reliable is a big reason for managed IT services.

Cost Effectiveness and Return on Investment

Working with a managed IT service provider benefits companies financially. It’s a considerable cost saving. It helps control outgoing expenses and increases return on investment. Typically, an IT budget consists of many things like IT labor, maintenance costs, software and network infrastructure and hardware costs. Using outdated software negatively impacts return on investment. Plus, managed IT services provide scalability and flexibility to grow in a manner that internal IT teams cannot provide. Businesses can easily project IT expenses on a monthly basis and can plan for improvements and larger projects. IT services play an instrumental role in cost-effectiveness and return on investment.

A Proactive Approach to Maintenance

This is another major reason to work with a managed IT service provider. Businesses no longer have to waste time thinking about its IT infrastructure. There’s no need to worry about daily things like the speed of network connections and dependability. With a managed IT service provider, businesses are given the luxury of an all-day, every day around the clock coverage. Security and service solutions are always at work detecting potential disturbances, vulnerabilities, and threats. Issues and bugs can most likely be detected and fixed before the business is even aware of a problem. And data management on the cloud with a service provider yields more revenue. IT service providers offer a proactive community with regular and encrypted backups, virtualization and cloud computing.

Free Up Internal IT Staff to Concentrate on Strategic Projects

Often, businesses need their own internal staff to focus their energy on other tasks. It’s a good reason to work with an IT managed provider. Projects and other needed tasks get the time and attention needed. It maximizes the company’s IT budget. Think about it. It doesn’t make any practical sense to have an internal IT team handling things like migrating over to Microsoft Office 365 when it can be expertly handled by a provider. With specialized services, managed service providers take the pressure off the internal IT team.

Variety of Solutions

Many businesses need solutions specific to their individual needs, such as accounting software solutions and customer relationship management software (CRM). Managed service providers offer accounting software to monitor its transactions. It automates the business process and manual information. With CRM, businesses can get greater visibility garner through:

  • surveys
  • notes
  • campaigns

The end result is a secure data control system that helps manage business information and customer information. With accounting software solutions, businesses can monitor financial information, vendors and taxes. It’s designed to suit the needs of the specific company.

Technology is transforming the world of business. But it changes fast and is a complex industry. Most companies today want to streamline its IT operations and turn to managed IT service providers to accomplish that goal. If you’d like to learn more about managed IT services, contact Cervisys by calling (904) 236-4328 or by emailing at info@cervisys.com. The IT professionals at Cervisys are always happy to answer any questions.

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