3 Ways to Solve Communication Problems Before It’s Too Late


We Need to Talk.

Did you cringe a little when you read that sentence? Those four little words can cause a lot of anxiety. Why? Because for many people, they evoke a foreboding feeling that something is wrong with their relationship.

Poor communication is a known relationship killer. If new information isn’t sent and received properly, things are bound to go awry. And that’s when you might hear (or read) those dreaded words. Thinking this just applies to your personal relationships? No way. The same issues can be applied to your business relationships too. Poor communication can have a terrible impact on your business. When plans and ideas are miscommunicated (or not communicated to everyone), your business will lose out on profitable opportunities, and most likely incur the wrath of dissatisfied clients.

4 Signs Your Business Has a Communication Problem:

1. Tedious hand-offs between sales and implementation
2. Duplicated efforts
3. Tasks frequently slipping through the cracks
4. Low client satisfaction or SLA disputes

If any of these sound familiar, your business has a communication problem, and it’s slowly (but surely) killing your profitability. But not to worry! There are three ways to break down these barriers so that everyone can be on the same page. And it all starts with a conversation.

1. Open the Flood Gates

Everyone should have a clear vision of the business’s main goals and how they’re going to be achieved. Making that information accessible is key to avoiding big mistakes, increasing overall efficiency, and – by proxy – boosting your profit.

If your team is having a hard time focusing on larger goals, find ways to tie everyone to an overarching goal—like a set number of new clients—that helps everyone work toward the same goal, which naturally fosters communication.

2. Inspire Teamwork

When you allow your employees to work entirely detached from one another, you end up working within Silos of Chaos®. Instead, work with a team mentality. From professional sports to the military, the best teams in the world accomplish their goals with collaboration and communication. Emulate that with your colleagues.

Internal collaboration can make your business more efficient and better off in the long run. Look for opportunities to help your team come together in new ways, crossing traditional department lines to share expertise and make your business run better.

3. Be Results-Oriented

Gaining access to information and working as a team stops just shy of remedying a company communication issue. The final step for a lasting impact is to develop a plan that details what proper internal communication looks like, and then make it accessible to everyone.

Share your internal roadmap across the business to help everyone understand your biggest priorities, and how they play a vital role in making it all happen. Help your team see how everyone benefits from a better performing business, and they’ll be happy to buy in.

See? That talk wasn’t so bad. Now go start a conversation at your business!

We Need to Talk…

It’s time to have a conversation about your network and how to improve it. Start Here

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