An Ounce of Prevention: Why IT Maintenance Services Matter

For most, the average Sunday morning is predictable: wake up late, grab coffee and have breakfast with the family while scrolling through the news.But according to Richard McFarland, Cervisys’ CTO, it’s uncanny how often IT issues occur over the weekend, prompting the inevitable frantic Sunday morning client call.“In information technology, it’s a fact of life that software expires and hardware breaks down,” Richard says. “If your business relies on mission-critical systems and equipment as most do these days, unplanned downtime can lead to significant customer satisfaction issues and financial loss. That’s why we view maintenance as a critical component of all system installations. When you weigh the cost of maintenance services against these risks, the investment is a no-brainer.” While Richard has more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry, his primary role with Team Cervisys is to help clients design and implement customized IT maintenance solutions to prevent or minimize costly downtime.

Right Team, Right Time, Right Partner

Over the years, Richard and his team have managed the implementation of countless system maintenance solutions for clients representing a variety of industries, from small businesses and municipalities to companies with international operations. Unfortunately, Richard also has experienced the aftermath of a business owner either not investing in maintenance services at all or deciding to contract services with a third-party vendor that’s unfamiliar with their system. In either case, outcomes aren’t always ideal.

“One client contracted with a third-party vendor who promised repairs within a matter of hours, but the system was down for more than 36 hours. The resulting financial loss was several hundred times greater than the cost had the Cervisys team managed the issue,” says Richard.

As a Dell Partner, Team Cervisys has the resources and skills to facilitate maintenance agreements on any eligible hardware — from laptops to mainframes. Software support follows Dell’s subscription and support model that ensures clients receive the necessary technical support and stay up to date with the latest versions to avert downtime and protect against malware and unauthorized intrusion.

Always On, Always There

IT maintenance services aren’t always top of mind for the client, but Cervisys’ maintenance team is ready to help at a moment’s notice. From managing inventory (to alert clients of expiring maintenance coverage), to partnering with Dell to resolve an IT crisis, Richard and his team pride themselves on their attention to detail and commitment to continuity.

“We are available to our clients 24/7, 365,” said Richard. “That’s what we do.”

For more information about Cervisys maintenance solutions, email or call us at 904-236-4328.

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