IT Service and Support: How do I know I’ll be a priority?


IT Service and Support: How do I know I’ll be a priority? | Cervisys –

I’ve joked that no one ever calls us to say, “Hey, thanks, my computer is working great!”

We work in an industry that is sometimes hard to understand, and for that reason, people’s interactions with our world can be downright stressful. We’re in business because stuff breaks and you need someone you can rely on, and here at Cervisys, we try to alleviate your stress by making it clear that you’re our priority.

I truly believe that Cervisys is a service company first, and a tech company second.  We succeed and fail based on how we treat YOU.  Whether you’re a client, an employee, a vendor, or a competitor, we have a responsibility to see you as the human you are and treat you the way we expect to be treated.

Many of our prospective clients wonder where they would ‘fit’ in terms of the hierarchy of importance, compared to other clients. They want to know if they are big enough to warrant attention when they need it.  It’s a fear many companies have, and rightfully so. We have an answer to that fear, but first, let’s take a short detour so we can better understand how our industry approaches this key concern.

Interestingly, we’re in an industry that is taught to “run thin.” What do I mean by that? Well, leaders and consultants in our industry suggest that companies like ours are most profitable when they bring on a new client and don’t have the capacity to support all the clients they have to serve.

We used to run our business that way but over six years ago, we adopted a practice called the Theory of Constraints.

What is the Theory of Constraints? It is a methodology for identifying the most important limiting factor that stands in the way of achieving a goal (like the goal of giving exceptional customer service) and then systematically improving it until it’s no longer a limiting factor.

For Cervisys, that means we have too much of everything. Yes, that’s right, in our six-plus years of practicing Theory of Constraints, we’ve built a service organization that has excess capacity in every area of our business for one reason:

We don’t ever want to miss on a promise we make to you.

It means that when you reach out for support, we have technical professionals ready to live-answer your calls. It means we can have someone out to your office the same day you call us. It means we have engineers that deliver on-time and on-budget when you have an IT project.  And, it means we have capacity to begin servicing you as soon as you’re ready if you want to work with us.

So how do you know you’re a priority?

Because we’ve built our business to always have excess capacity, and we’re constantly working to improve your interactions with us. We know that needing our help can be stressful, but your experience working with us shouldn’t be.

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